MEP: Sessione Internazionale Malta

Si è appena conclusa la Sessione Internazionale tenutasi a Malta dal 9 al 16 di Novembre a cui ha partecipato la studentessa Margherita Mango in veste di Committee President.
Il gruppo, composto inoltre da tre studenti napoletani, una studentessa romana e da Martina Buston di   Bassano del Grappa come Head of Delegation, è stato accompagnato dalle Professoresse Anna Collina referente MEP di questo Istituto, e  Patrizia Cuomo del Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II di Napoli.

28 European countries. 5 delegates and 1 committee president each. 5 Maltese presidents (apart from Clara, she’s Swedish) .All gathered in Malta for the same purpose: make a change. No matter how big it is, because nothing is immediate but it takes step by step to gain goals. Ours it to build a better Europe, a better future together. Reading this you may think: ‘How is this even possible?’ . I’m well aware of the fact that MEP is a simulation, but underneath it’s something bigger. It creates a connection between youngsters that come from completely different nations, religions,cultures and traditions.

MEP is a open door for a direct debate, not only about whether pineapple goes on pizza or not but also about International Trade, Women’s Rights, Human Rights and a lot more. It has made me aware of the world I live in and all the issues related to it and through the Committee Meetings I was given the possibility to speak my mind, listen to others’ opinion and in the end to create a written resolution based on hard work and determination. The resolutions we produce are the living proof that there’s hope. That there some young people that think and are not afraid to get in the game. 

IMEP MALTA 2019 was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, thanks to everyone who has been part of it.

M️argherita Mango

Mep Malta